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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How much does the NexTalk service cost?
    All calls dialed and received through the NexTalk application are free.

  • What do I need to operate the NexTalk application?
    A computer running Windows 95® or higher with NexTalk installed, an Internet connection, and a valid user name and password.

  • How do I get the NexTalk application?
    You can download the NexTalk application from the NexTalk website at http://www.nextalk.net/signupmain.stm.

  • Where do I get my User Name and Password?
    When you register at http://www.nextalk.net/signupmain.stm you will assign yourself a user name and password. The username must start with a letter, contain only numbers and letters (NO spaces) and be at least 4 characters long. The password must contain only numbers and letters (NO spaces) and be at between 4 and 10 characters long.

  • What do I do if I forget my password?
    Go to http://www.nextalk.net/getpass.stm and request to have your password emailed to you.

  • What do I do if I forget my username?
    You will have to sign up for a new account.

  • How do I call a TTY?
    You can call a TTY by either entering an 11-digit phone number in the Dial window, or by going to http://www.nextalk.net/calltty.stm, logging in and entering the 11-digit number there.

  • Can I call a user that has a valid NTS login at their company, but is not a Nextalk.net user?
    Yes. In the Dial box, you need to enter not only your friend's userid, but also the domain where your friend is located (eg kramer@nxi).

  • Can I call anybody, anywhere?
    You can only make calls within the US and Canada. Certain other numbers are also blocked: 211*, 411*, 511*, 611*, 711*, 911*, 0*, and 011*.

  • Can I receive calls?
    In order to receive calls you must have the Nextalk.net software; you can not receive calls on the browser version of Nextalk.net. The caller will need to know:
    • your Nextalk userid
    • The number to call --
      If they are a VOICE caller, the number is: 1-877-IPRelay (477-3529)
      If they are calling from a TTY, the number is:
      1-866-TTY-TOIP (889-8647)

  • What happens if someone calls and I am not online?
    You must be logged in to participate in a conversation. If someone tries to contact you while you are offline, they will be asked it they would like to leave a message for you. You may access your messages the next time you log in.

  • How will I know if I have messages?
    If you have a message, the MAIL text on your toolbar will be highlighted. You then select the Viewer icon from your toolbar and look in your inbox for text messages.

  • Can I save my conversations?
    When a conversation has ended, a window will open and ask if you would like to save your conversation. By selecting Save, you wil be able to read conversations at a later date.

  • How do I look at old conversations?
    By selecting the Viewer icon from the toolbar, you can access saved conversations as well as text messages.

  • Can I print my conversation?
    You can print your conversation while it is in progress by clicking the Print button from the toolbar. You may also print saved conversations by selecting Print in your messages window.

  • Why am I getting the error "Call Disconnected: SIT Tone" when I try to call a TTY?
    This will occur when you try to dial a TTY number, but have not put in the full 11 digits. Even when a number is local to you, it is not local to the server(s) housing our TTY equipment. You must type in 1+area code+number to get connected (eg 18012746004)

  • Why am I getting the error "Unable to place call: Reason: Restricted number in Resource Group All Modems"?
    You have dialed a number that is not supported by NexTalk.net. Calls to 911 are not accepted, nor are calls to International numbers that begin in 011. You can only make TTY calls to numbers within the United States and Canada.

  • Why am I getting the error "Opening a Port…--end conversation--:"?
    If all lines are busy, NexTalk will not be able to complete your call and will close the conversation window. You will need to try your call later. You may also see a message saying Unable to Place Call…Ports are busy. This means that all the lines are in use by other NexTalk.net users.

  • Why am I getting the error "Unable to Send Instant Message:"?
    The name in To: field is not valid. Check the Username and Domain to make sure they are correct. For example, to send an instant message to the user Test in the nextalk.net domain, you would type Test@nextalk.net. Just typing Test@nextalk would not be enough.

  • Why isn't Nextalk answering my phone?
    Nextalk.net calls are received through your Internet Connection, not your regular phone. See our Nextalk-VM software/modem bundles for a product that can answer your phone.

  • Why am I getting the error "Unable to login. Reason: Unable to establish a network connection"?
    This error occurs when there is an internet connection problem. This could be caused by a number of reasons. Make sure your phone lines are working and that the plug is securely connected to your computer. It could also be that one of the servers (nextalk.net or your ISP) is down momentarily and you should try again a little later. If everything is OK on your end, it is possible the Nextalk.net server is down. Try contacting IP-Relay (where the Nextalk.net sevice is hosted).

  • I was unable to connect Nextalk because I am on firewall at work.
    We use our own port for the outgoing connection to log in to NexTalk.net. Once you make the log in connection, then our software's own encryption kicks in to protect your calls, and all incoming calls go through your log in. So if your firewall can be opened to allow outgoing connections via port 2571, you should be fine.

  • Can I use Nextalk on a Mac, or my Palm Pilot?
    The nextalk software is only supported for the Windows platforms and will only run on an IBM compatible PC running Windows 95 and later. Currently we don't support the MAC OS's, Windows emulators, handheld PC's, etc. However, anyone with a browser can access the functions on the Nextalk.net website.

  • Why do my calls sometimes get cut off?
    If you lose your Internet connection you can be cut off, or even if your bandwidth gets too busy, the connection can often time out due to lack of response from the Internet connection. At this time our long distance service provider has not opted to limit calls. Long distance calls are free and are not limited to 10 minutes. If this ever changes, they'll let us know and we'll let our users know in advance. If you get cut off, it is most likely due to a brief interruption in your Internet connection.

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